Standardized Improvement Program

3 MAP Standardized Assessments Per Year


➢  Online tests are taken in the comfort of your home,

     initiated, and monitored remotely by a certified teacher


➢  Learning gaps in Math, Reading, and Language are



➢  Appropriate learning interventions are created and

     imported directly into Compass Learning


➢  Compass Learning activities adjust throughout the year

     based on MAP assessments

Online Interactive Learning Modules


➢ Learners simply click to begin a learning activity


➢ Learning activities facilitate learning in students with varieties of learning styles


➢ Learning activities target specific skills and can be completed as many times as necessary


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Alexander Preparatory School "Small School...BIG EXPERIENCE"

Learning Paths Automatically Created In Compass Learning


➢ Learning gaps are identified based on national MAP scores in Math, Reading, and Language


➢ Learning activities target learning gaps, teach, and review concepts


➢ Over 30 reports monitor your student’s weekly progress


➢ Activities capture and hold student’s attention


➢ Online modules are engaging, challenging, and interactive

Data Driven Test Results


➢Academic growth results based on over

    800,000 student test scores


➢MAP Scores Correlate With SAT/ACT



➢Opportunities for college acceptances

    significantly increased

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