Education Like No Other Alexander Preparatory School approaches education like no other school. Our mission is to support a wide range of learning styles, offer a broad and challenging curriculum, and create unparalleled experiential learning opportunities on and off campus. This sets us apart. We see ourselves as the most individualized and supportive of the rigorous independent schools, and believe there is a particular advantage to the model. Our ability to meet a student exactly where they are and not at some prescribed, preconceived notion of where they should be is our clear advantage. We know that choosing the path for each student is a highly collaborative and individualized process. The educational journey Alexander Prep provides is an imaginative and passionate approach to the adventure of learning. Students are inspired thinkers who are resilient, tenacious, curious, community minded, and compassionate. There is no one path through this school. We do know, however, that regardless of the path chosen, graduates leave Alexander Prep knowing who they are as learners and what they need to do to be successful.

Alexander Prep dedicates Fridays to experiential programs that allow students to explore and develop skills and competencies in a variety of disciplines. It is also an opportunity for learning and discovery experiences through field trips and excursions. Students have the opportunity to discover their talents in areas such as filmmaking, music, art, theatre, robotics, gaming, and photography. The Friday experiential program provides an opportunity to pursue artistic creativity, expression, and experimentation. Our commitment to creativity, original thinking, personal expression and art making is reflected in its Friday experiential program and is manifested through exhibitions, performances and service.

There are countless advantages for students to engage in experiential learning, including an improved path to college admissions. Meaningful experiences outside of the classroom add significance and weight to college applications-these experiences are what set students apart from the crowd. Many top universities, including Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Yale endorse experiential learning opportunities for students before they enter college.Our commitment to creativity in the arts, original thinking, and personal expression is reflected in its Friday experiential program and manifested through exhibitions, performances, and service

Experiential Fridays

8:00 - 8:05        Homeroom

8:05 - 8:49        1st Period

8:53 - 9:37        2nd Period

9:41 - 10:25      3rd Period

10:29 - 11:13    4th Period

11:13 - 11:48     Lunch

11:52 - 12:36     5th Period

12:40 - 1:24       6th Period

1:28 - 2:12         7th Period

2:16 - 3:00         8th Period

Daily Schedule (Monday - Thursday)

*Friday’s are experiential and the schedule changes weekly

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